Kool & the Gang

by Erin

Giggling over the goofy things we do in our house keeps me motivated. We often belt out “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang when it is time to calibrate Grasshopper’s Dexcom. Only here we sing:

Caaaaalibration time, come on! It’s a calibration. Continue reading →

Ping Parenting

by Erin

This is what it means to me to be a T1D parent today.

Your son climbs in your bed at 6am. In a half asleep fog, help your four year old son perform all the steps to check his own finger for the first time. HE wants to do it and that is great. Praise him for that. But then he wants to dose himself with insulin using the Animus Ping remote and gets upset when you say no. Continue reading →


It doesn’t get easier. You get stronger.

by Erin

That’s the truth. It’s like lifting weights. When you first set out to lift 50 pounds it is tough! But the more often you do it the stronger you get and the more readily you can lift those 50 pounds. The weight hasn’t changed. It hasn’t gotten lighter. YOU have changed and gotten stronger. Continue reading →

First Halloween

Halloween was a hallowed tradition in my childhood, as it was and still is for millions of American children.

by Erin

I was always so excited to create my costume for that one spooky night. When I became a parent I was thrilled at the prospect of sharing all of that excitement with my child. Continue reading →