7 Tips for T1D Cold and Flu


The Sound of Mucus

Tissues on tables and temperatures rising.

Cold, flu, I don’t know. My wits are capsizing.

Blood sugar battles and ketones they bring.

These are a few of my least favorite things.

By Erin and Alese

Sniff. Cough. Suddenly my kids are velcroed to my side and their foreheads could fry eggs. Sigh. Here we go again. Dealing with sickness and type 1 diabetes at the same time is tricky. From our experiences with T1D since 2013, here are a few of our favorite things that help us when the flu bites, when a cold strikes. Please note that this is not to be taken as medical advice. If you or your child have type 1 diabetes and you are dealing with sickness of any kind, follow your doctor’s guidance. Continue reading →

Shiny Happy Valentines 2020

by Erin

Holidays and parties always bring up questions in the type 1 diabetes community online. Do we send candy? What do we do with candy our children receive?

Each family has to decide what works best for them. We do allow Grasshopper to eat some candy. Thanks to Sugar Surfing, a method of dynamic diabetes management, we know how to handle many different kinds of foods and daily situations. Our approach to candy isn’t much different than it would be if we didn’t have type 1 diabetes in our family. In our house it is an occasional treat eaten a piece at a time, often at the end of a meal if our children have eaten everything on their plates.

Holidays are often celebrated with food and candy. We sort it, and save some for times when Grasshopper needs fast acting carbohydrates to bring up a low blood sugar. Holidays mean our low supplies get restocked! With that said, I do appreciate non-food options for holidays. In years past we have found some fun alternatives. We have some friends with severe, multiple food allergies. While we don’t have to avoid foods in our family, thinking up non-food options is fun. I like a challenge!

I brainstormed some guidelines based on what it feels like to navigate school parties in our Pinterest obsessed online world. Tongue firmly in cheek.


If you are looking for a Valentine’s card and favor that isn’t food based, here’s an idea for you. The first thing that popped into my head that would check most of the boxes on my to-do list above was coins. We have change lying around and I knew I could probably come up with enough for 20 Valentine’s favors. This project cost $10 in quarters and a few cents in clear tape, white cardstock, which I had from many previous projects, and printer ink.


My kids and I love corny jokes. The sillier the better. Of course they get a pass for the groaners because they are 7 and 4. I’m supposed to “act my age,” but I’d rather tell ridiculously goofy jokes and hear my kids giggle. So I searched around for some silly, clean jokes about quarters and George Washington, since he is featured on the U.S. $.25 piece.

I fit four different cards on one sheet of paper, so I only had to use five sheets of cardstock for the whole project. I printed some guidelines on the project so I only had to make two cuts per page. Grasshopper and I taped the quarters over the emoji to look like eyes. A corner rounder punch finished the cards.

He was so excited to share the jokes with his class!

Check out my FREE printable of this project below.

If you use it, let me know! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Click here for a free printable SugarRushSurvivors_Valentine_2020!

November 2019 Diabetes Awareness

by Erin Schovel Turnham

I’m excited to host an event in the Alabama River Region for people with type 1 diabetes and their families! This will be a simple get together with yard games on Saturday, November 16 from 9 -11 A.M. in front of Pike Road Elementary School in Pike Road, Alabama.


This event is a collaboration between Sugar Rush Survivors, the Pike Road Lions Club, and Pike Road Elementary.

Feel free to share the flyer above as a jpg image or use the link to share it as a pdf.

Our goals are to share the signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes with the general public and to provide support for those individuals and families who have already received a T1D diagnosis.

We are stronger together!

7 Tips : What To Do When… Your Child Says, “Mama, Look At THAT Kid!”


In the foreground a child's finger points to a young boy, blurred, in the background. The boy is crouched on the grass next to a large flowerpot. His posture is slouching and pouty. His arms rest on the flowerpot rim. A toy yellow tractor rests on the grass.

In the foreground a child’s finger points to a young boy, blurred, in the background. The boy crouches on the grass next to a large flowerpot. His posture is slouching and pouty. His arms rest on the flowerpot rim. A toy yellow tractor rests on the grass.

By Erin Schovel Turnham

Nothing quite strikes fear in my heart like my child pointing at another person and saying loudly, “Look, Mama!” Children are naturally curious, and without the social filters we acquire as we age.

A neighbor asked me how to broach the subject with M, her 3 year old daughter. Grasshopper and Sunshine were out playing with M, and Grasshopper had to stop to check his blood sugar. Their friend was obviously curious and while she didn’t ask any questions, her mom wondered how to address it. I was grateful my neighbor reached out. Continue reading →

One Small Step For A Grasshopper

Grasshopper needed some reading practice, so I made a deal with him. If he read a whole book to me, then he could choose another, new book. He loves learning about real people and historical figures especially. The series “Ordinary People Change the World” written by Brad Meltzer and illustrated by Christopher Eliopoulos is in heavy rotation in our house. Continue reading →

Summer Camp Part 7 : Friday

By Erin Schovel Turnham

Friday, June 14, 2019

Home Again

Time to go get my boy from his summer camp adventure! Sunshine and I are ready for the trip. I’ve got my coffee. She has a notebook and crayons. Let’s go! Continue reading →

Summer Camp Part 6 : Thursday

By Erin Schovel Turnham

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Bright Sun-shiny Day

Today we had just Sunshine at home. Tomorrow we’ll pick up Grasshopper. Sunshine and I made toast and scrambled eggs together. She helped crack the eggs. Continue reading →