Summer Camp Part 7 : Friday

By Erin Schovel Turnham

Friday, June 14, 2019

Home Again

Time to go get my boy from his summer camp adventure! Sunshine and I are ready for the trip. I’ve got my coffee. She has a notebook and crayons. Let’s go!

It’s a beautiful summer morning. I just had to stop to get a picture of the Camp ASCCA sign on this beautiful tree lined road. Yes, I stopped the car and no one was behind me.

Once we arrived, Sunshine and I went through the checkout process in the dining hall. A counselor reviewed with me the record of Grasshopper’s blood sugars during the week. Rhonda McDavid, Executive Director of Camp Seale Harris, stopped me on my way out the door. She said that campers are able to earn beads through the week for completing various tasks and for behaving well. Grasshopper got beads for listening to his counselor, changing his site mostly by himself, and for meeting his self proclaimed goal of not getting his hair wet while going down the water slide!

After we finished check out, we were able to walk to Grasshopper’s cabin to gather his luggage, and the boy himself. He saw us coming and greeted us with the best run up bear hugs EVER.

Sunshine gave him the drawing she made on our way there. Grasshopper was excited to show us he had lost his third baby tooth at camp! He was spilling over with joy to tell us about all the things he had done. It made my heart full to hear that he had enjoyed it so much. He had been on the zip line, he tried tubing for the first time, he went swimming, horseback riding, fishing, played some pretty elaborate games of tag or hide and seek (or both??), and so many more activities that I couldn’t catch because the words came tumbling out.

We said our goodbyes, shared hugs, high fives and fist bumps with counselors, nurses, and staff. Grasshopper admitted he didn’t want to leave! I am encouraged to know that he is excited about going back for more Camp Seale Harris fun. To ease the transition we had lunch at Niffer’s At The Lake with his good buddy and cabin mate W and his sweet mama.

Our drive home was fairly quiet. Once home the fireworks started. Post camp meltdowns. Multiple. It’s hard to be home after a week away.

The disrespect is going strong over here. And so are the “go back to your room until you can be respectful to the rest of the family “ moments. Woof. He held it together all week. They say kids lose it on the people they trust the most. So yay me!

Grasshopper is tired, hungry, and missing the freedom of camp. But I know that some dinner, and a good night’s sleep will turn his attitude around, so that is what I’ll tackle next. Thanks to the mental break that camp gave ME, I can stay calm in the midst of his storm and give him the stability he needs. It may be wrinkled from the suitcase, but the back of Grasshopper’s camp shirt speaks truth. There’s no place like diabetes camp.

Epilogue: As expected, with some food in his tummy and a solid night of sleep, Grasshopper was back to his usual cheerful self the next morning. He hasn’t stopped talking about camp. It makes me so happy to hear just how exciting it all was for him to be immersed in camp fun with 150 or so other kids who truly understand what type 1 diabetes is. Together we are stronger than we are apart.

Summer Camp Part 6 : Thursday

By Erin Schovel Turnham

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Bright Sun-shiny Day

Today we had just Sunshine at home. Tomorrow we’ll pick up Grasshopper. Sunshine and I made toast and scrambled eggs together. She helped crack the eggs. Continue reading →

Summer Camp Part 5 : Wednesday

By Erin Schovel Turnham

Wednesday, June 12, 2109

Working Breakfast

Mr. Mister had to work on our last day at the beach but thankfully he is able to work remotely. We had another day near the beach if not physically on it. I walked to get breakfast from Gypsea Crepes again and this time I remembered to take a photo before gobbling it up. Continue reading →

Good Grief, It Is Thanksgiving

I’ve taken some time off from writing and posting so I can focus on my family. I’m trying not to feel guilty about the fact that my time off has coincided with November, Diabetes Awareness Month, and the feeling that I need to be posting MORE right now. But wow, I am DRAINED. The Pike Road Lions Club Strides Walk was a great event and I am excited to help again next year. I have a post coming with pictures of the event and a big thank you to all who made it a success. Continue reading →

JDRF One Walk Birmingham

by Erin

UPDATE: Congratulations Jake Saxon on winning our Low Blood Sugar Survival Pack!

Sunday, November 4 was a GREAT day. Mr. Mister and I loaded up the car, packed plenty of snacks for the kids and we drove to Birmingham to be a part of the JDRF One Walk. I was honored that Meredith Morrison, JDRF Development Coordinator, asked me to be involved. This was my first event as a “vendor.” Continue reading →

Blue November Prep

While I am still getting ready for Halloween, I’m also looking forward to our diabetes awareness efforts for November. We participate in Project Blue November by wearing blue on Fridays and posting on social media. Last year I painted a craft pumpkin with the international symbol for diabetes, a blue circle. We collected all of Grasshopper’s used diabetes supplies and empty packets of Annie’s Fruit Snacks in the pumpkin to show all of the supplies and low blood sugar treatments he used. Continue reading →

Camp Seale Harris

by Erin

A few months ago Grasshopper’s school nurse, Amber, told me she had been contacted by some folks from the Pike Road Lions Club. Continue reading →