Summer Camp Part 6 : Thursday

By Erin Schovel Turnham

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Bright Sun-shiny Day

Today we had just Sunshine at home. Tomorrow we’ll pick up Grasshopper. Sunshine and I made toast and scrambled eggs together. She helped crack the eggs. Together we washed ALL the laundry. We packed a picnic lunch and ate it at our neighborhood playground with some friends. M, who is four and who also has type 1 diabetes, was sad that her dia-buddy wasn’t there, but she and Sunshine enjoyed playing together. I enjoyed talking with her sweet mama and holding baby E.

While at the playground Sunshine’s sandal broke. She soldiered on. On our walk home I paraphrased Jimmy Buffet, “Blew out my sandal; Holding tight my bike handle. Cooled my heel; Now we’re cruising back home. But there’s ice in the blender; and soon it will render; Those snow cones that help me hang on.” Along the way I told her about the trees and plants along our path.

We found honeysuckle, sycamore, tulip poplar, willow, mimosa, sweet gum, water oak, and wild grape. Thanks to my dad, I can pass that knowledge on to my children.

Once home it was time to get Sunshine settled with something to do so that I could make dinner. She painted outside and had a grand time.

It was good to see her shine playing just what she wanted to, exactly how she wanted it. Because he is older and because of his personality, Grasshopper often directs how they play. Sunshine gives plenty of pushback! But it was interesting to see her so absorbed playing in the paints without having to defend her choices. They are very close and play well together most of the time. Still, I love that she had time to play on her own.

Tomorrow we will pick up Grasshopper from camp. I can’t wait to hear all about his week!

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