by Alese

Sunday was not as much of a fun day as promised. I have been using expired Dexcom sensors because you know I’m cheap. It turns out they expire for reason. My numbers last night were 150 points higher than my readings.

So this morning I feel like I slept on a bar room floor. (I have never actually slept on a bar room floor.) I also have high hair which is code for uber greasy. I am sticky from sweating through the night. My hips hurt so much when I showered that shaving was out of the question. The only way to salvage my day is to lay in bed and watch Netflix.

Thanks to Jardiance and multiple boluses my numbers are back to where they should be. I am not changing my Dexcom. I paid for it. It needs to work, insert profanity of choice. It is a durable medical device. It should work a year after expiring. Right??

Perfect recovery day. Southern thunderstorms all day. I am hydrating and watching the 80’s version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Highly recommended. My Omnipod is going to expire very soon. I don’t know how soon because it no longer tells me how many units are left. It is taunting me with the insulin bottle on its side and instead of units it just says low.

A more responsible adult would get up and get a new pod. It is much more important for me to give my rescue dog Molly peanuts every time it thunders. Positive reinforcement training is a thing. So is podcrastinating.

The pod death siren left me no choice. Pod change completed.

* Twenty points if you can spot the fun BG.

*I gave in and changed my Dex. Nobody has time for high hair.

Lucky Fin

by Erin

Fear is a terrible thing. It blocks, prevents, withholds. Strangely, it simultaneously drains my energy. For too long I have let my fear take charge.

When Grasshopper was born I had great plans of getting him into swimming lessons very early. Continue reading →

Camp Seale Harris

by Erin

A few months ago Grasshopper’s school nurse, Amber, told me she had been contacted by some folks from the Pike Road Lions Club. Continue reading →

Chronically Meme Happy

by Erin

After dealing with diabetes as a family for four years and four months, I think of it as if I am holding a pencil in my outstretched hand. I am relatively confident now in the daily decisions that need to be made. Thanks to Sugar Surfing techniques I am usually able to run Grasshopper’s blood sugar control as a background program in my mind instead of as the main focus of my day. But of course it is always there. Continue reading →