Bus Goals

Grasshopper asked me again if he could ride the bus when he starts first grade. He was prepared with reasons and explanations how it would benefit ME.

Cue all the smiles, and all the heartache. I’m surprised he didn’t have charts and graphs ready. He proposed I walk him to the bus in the morning, and then I could get things done around the house while Sunshine played. She solemnly nodded. And then in the afternoon I could start making dinner while he rode back on the bus. Or while Daddy made dinner. And Sunshine could play. More nodding from her. Grasshopper is working this angle HARD. Le sigh.

I told him that we don’t feel comfortable with him riding the bus until he can manage T1D on his own. It is the truth but I’m feeling awful because this is the first situation we have encountered in which I am essentially telling him “we aren’t going to do XYZ right now because of type 1 diabetes.”

There is very little that he won’t be able to do. He won’t be able to go into the Armed Forces. However, I know of people with T1D who are professional race car drivers in NASCAR Xfinity and IndyCar, who have competed in the Olympics, play professional football, baseball, soccer, who are internationally known heartthrob singers, who are mountain climbing photographers, who surf, who are pilots and newscasters, meteorologists, authors, police, firefighters, doctors, and people who take long solo boat excursions then write books about their adventures.

There won’t be an aide to ride with Grasshopper in the bus, so he would need to check his finger and eat a snack if his blood sugar is too low. A severe low blood sugar is a life threatening event. He can check his finger already but he still needs adult guidance in deciding how much fast acting sugar he needs for a low. I can’t rely on a bus driver to do that because the bus driver already has a very important job. Driving the bus.

Grasshopper took all of this in stride, as usual, listening intently to the new challenge in front of him. It breaks my heart because a six year old boy shouldn’t have to concern himself with being his own conscious pancreas in order to safely ride the bus to first grade. But this is our reality. I told him that this was another reason to work on learning how to manage type 1 diabetes. This is not, “You will never ride the bus,” but rather, “The bus is a new goal to be achieved.”

Easter with T1D 2018

“He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.” Matthew 28:6

Happy Easter!

We went to the Easter vigil Mass last night and we all survived without meltdowns. Even me! Grasshopper was amazed that he got to hold a candle and that there was A FIRE outside. Sunshine loved the ringing of the bells when we all sang Alleluia over and over. She shook her hand like she was holding a bell and laughed and laughed. With joy we greet our risen Lord! Continue reading →

Valentine Secrets

I bought these Jiulyning Invisible Ink and Black Light Combination Pens a while ago on Amazon. At $9.99 for 20 pieces, it was about the same price I would have paid for ready made Valentine’s Day cards for Grasshopper’s class. Continue reading →

Magic School Bus

by Erin

Grasshopper’s class went to the zoo the week before Thanksgiving. It was his first field trip as a kindergartner. He was thrilled to go to the zoo with his school friends but he was absolutely beside himself about going there on a big yellow school bus! Continue reading →

Halloween with T1D

Yes, Grasshopper can and does eat candy. If his blood sugar goes too low he HAS to eat something sugary to bring it back up. Juice, Annie’s Fruit Snacks, Lifesavers Gummies. Sugar can literally save his life.

by Erin

The assumption often is, “Grasshopper can’t eat candy because he has type 1 diabetes.”
The short answer is, “He can and does eat candy. There are times sugar can literally save his life.” The long answer is, “It gets a bit complicated.” Continue reading →

The Teal Pumpkin Project 

by Erin

It’s not the candy, it’s the carbs.

After Grasshopper’s diagnosis of type 1 diabetes I was so worried about Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Easter… all these holidays that focus on food, lots of food, lots of carby goodness like mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pies, rolls, and candy everywhere. Continue reading →