by Erin

All Mommying and No Writing Makes Erin A Dull Woman

Written around 10am September 14, 2017:

Dealing with T1D means I come face to face, several times a day, with the fact that I have much less control over the daily events of life than I ever want to admit. I want it to make sense. I want there to be a reason why my son’s blood sugar keeps going down today in spite of lots of snacks. AND I WANT IT TO STAY THE SAME REASON SO I CAN GET THIS STUFF RIGHT, MOVE ON WITH MY DAY, AND DO THE SAME THING WITH THE SAME RESULTS THE NEXT TIME. Continue reading →

Midnight Preparations 

by Erin

It is after midnight on September 19. The smell of insulin in my kitchen means that I’m getting another cartridge ready for Grasshopper’s insulin pump. It smells like hospitals. Like Band-Aids. To me it smells like life for my 5 year old son. Continue reading →