Midnight Preparations 

by Erin

It is after midnight on September 19. The smell of insulin in my kitchen means that I’m getting another cartridge ready for Grasshopper’s insulin pump. It smells like hospitals. Like Band-Aids. To me it smells like life for my 5 year old son. We change the infusion site for his Animus Ping insulin pump every three days. The blue circular device on my counter is an Inset Unomedical brand infusion site in a spring-loaded inserter. Grasshopper’s blood sugar was alarmingly high earlier tonight and has come down to the 140 range only with several boluses (doses) of insulin via his pump and an increased basal rate (a slow drip of background insulin) of 200% for 2 hours. His ketones were only trace on a urine ketone test and .5 on a blood ketone test, so I decided to see if he just needed more insulin to get his blood sugar down before I changed out his site. Thankfully, his blood sugar has come down slowly. The syringe I am holding contains 60 units of insulin, drawn from the vial of Novalog insulin that sustains Grasshopper’s life. Tomorrow is site change day. I will remove the needle from the top and the blue plunger (which my thumb is obscuring) from the bottom. That will leave just the cylindrical cartridge which I will put into his pump in the morning before he goes to school. This is the preparation that happens in the middle of the night so that my boy can live through another day of kindergarten.

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