Rock On

This November we are saving all of Grasshopper’s used T1D supplies in this pumpkin decorated with a blue circle, the international symbol of diabetes.

This November, for Diabetes Awareness, we are saving all of Grasshopper’s used type 1 diabetes supplies in this pumpkin decorated with a blue circle, the international symbol of T1D. Shown here are the results of four insulin infusion site changes, one Dexcom change, five AccuCheck FastClix lancet drums for poking Grasshopper’s fingers, Annie’s Fruit Snacks for low blood sugar and a lot of One Touch Ultra Blue Test Strips, each one marking one finger poke.

by Erin

Gabbing with Grasshopper

Celebration comes on Kid’s Place Live radio (channel 078, Sirius XM) in the car.

Me: Hey!

Grasshopper: It’s our song!

Me: Remember, if you decide to get married I want to dance with you at your wedding to this song.

Grasshopper, nodding: Uh huh. No, wait. Actually, “We Will Rock You.”

I’ll dance with him to any song at any celebration because this kid rocks. He deals with so much every day and usually takes it in stride. I’m looking forward to graduations of all kinds: kindergarten, grade school, high school, college. Celebrations of all kinds: other people’s weddings, his wedding if he is called to marriage, his ordination if he is called to become a priest, and I don’t know, even a coronation if he befriends a princess. He woke up this morning. So did I. I’ll dance to that!

Here is our Blue November pumpkin stuffed with two weeks worth of T1D supplies.

Grasshopper’s awesome school nurse shared this video with me. He was feeling low. He decided he wanted to check his own blood sugar and enter the number in his Dexcom receiver to calibrate it. He went to the nurse and said, “It’s calibration time and I’m going to do it!” I hate that his blood sugar was low but I’m so proud of him for 1) Recognizing the feeling of a low along with the Dexcom alarms that indicate a low, 2) Going to the nurse’s office (which is literally across the hall from his classroom), and 3) Doing the finger prick, testing and Dexcom calibration all by himself from start to finish!

This was the first time he had done it at school, beginning to end, on his own. We are so proud of him!

So take that, type 1 diabetes. We WILL rock you.

Grasshopper Checks His Blood Sugar In Kindergarten

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