Summer Camp Part 5 : Wednesday

By Erin Schovel Turnham

Wednesday, June 12, 2109

Working Breakfast

Mr. Mister had to work on our last day at the beach but thankfully he is able to work remotely. We had another day near the beach if not physically on it. I walked to get breakfast from Gypsea Crepes again and this time I remembered to take a photo before gobbling it up.

It was a bit squashed because of its trip in the paper take out box, but it still tasted like a garden on a June morning. I gathered up what was needed for our return trip and sat down to enjoy some writing time while Mr. Mister worked. It was pleasant to have the uninterrupted time to focus on writing. He enjoyed his temporary office where he could work in a relaxing environment! I didn’t take many photos because we were soaking up our last beach vibes.

Credit: Mr. Mister 😄

We both found ourselves quoting our kids. Grasshopper’s linear, logical statements contrast well with Sunshine’s wide-eyed storytelling performances.

Late in the afternoon we picked up Sunshine from Aunt J’s house. She ran and gave Daddy a BIG hug. When I walked in, she blinked at me! It was so good to see her sweet face again, and to wrap her in a hug. Sunshine had played with her cousins non-stop, painted crafts with their nanny Ms. T, enjoyed Vacation Bible School with her older cousin Q, and spent time with her grandparents. It was a good first time away from parents for her!

Today was Grasshopper’s first time doing a site change without parents. I wondered how it went so I called to ask. We got an update from John Latimer, Camp Seale Harris Director. He said he spoken with the pump nurse. She said Grasshopper was very good about changing his site. He helped to do most of it on his own! I was so thrilled to hear the news. Changing his own site was one of the goals for his week at camp!

We drove back home to get our very sleepy girl in her own bed. Tomorrow will be all about laundry and spending time with Sunshine.

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