Fog Advisory

by Erin

Gabbing with the Grasshopper

Grasshopper, looking at my Pebble Watch: Oh no, what happened?

Me: My water resistant watch isn’t water  resistant anymore.

G: You need some windshield wipers inside!

I LOVE my Pebble Watch because it makes it much easier to keep track of Grasshopper’s blood sugar via his Dexcom graph. He wears a device, the Dexcom transmitter, that sends real time blood sugar readings to an iPhone that we use as a receiver. That phone displays a graph plotted out by Grasshopper’s blood sugar readings. My husband and I follow the same graph on our phones and my phone sends the graph to my watch. Thank God for 21st century technology and all the brilliant people who have worked to develop these tools! I use the number, arrow direction and rate of ascent or descent to make the myriad daily decisions that type 1 diabetes requires. Somehow, though, my watch got a little water inside and now I have a condensation problem. I do need wipers! Or a new watch.


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