Ping Parenting

by Erin

This is what it means to me to be a T1D parent today.

Your son climbs in your bed at 6am. In a half asleep fog, help your four year old son perform all the steps to check his own finger for the first time. HE wants to do it and that is great. Praise him for that. But then he wants to dose himself with insulin using the Animus Ping remote and gets upset when you say no. Still half asleep, clumsily attempt to explain why you can not let him dose himself. Silently struggle with the idea of explaining mortality to a preschooler. Silently struggle with the fact that he has a pump attached to him that if not used properly can kill him. Say nothing for a while and just hold him while he sulks. He thought he was on a roll and he just wants to continue that independence. Finally decide to say that it is a lot of responsibility for him to take on which is why Mama, Daddy, teachers and grandparents are helping him with this now. Dose him for breakfast and continue on about your day.

It is too early in the morning for me to explain mortality to my four year old boy and too early in his life (for my aching heart) for him to hear it.

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