Time is Not on My Side

by Erin and Alese

Managing diabetes takes time. It takes time away from other areas of life. What are some things that you don’t do now (or that you let slide) that you used to do unerringly before diagnosis?

Erin: My son often goes out of the house with stuff on his face from breakfast and without his hair brushed. It’s not unusual to see me swiping his face with a baby wipe as we walk into our destination. But by golly, the insulin cartridge in his pump is changed and he has a fresh infusion set. If it is a choice between him surviving the day or having a little schmutz on his cheek, I’ll take life please. Staying alive is more important than yogurt mustaches and graham cracker goatees. Pardon, while I chase my child with a tissue…

Alese: Doing things spur of the moment is no longer an option. Hopping in the car to explore on a Saturday, going to an Auburn football game, or going for a walk in the neighborhood. Everything requires planning and supplies. Calibrations, iob, supplies, expiring pods, low reservoir, dead cellphone is no longer just annoying it can be dangerous not to see my Dexcom numbers. In the past if I forgot something it was not life threatening.

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