Wedding Calibrations

by Erin

Gabbing with Grasshopper

Grasshopper and Erin, after doing a Dexcom calibration, dancing to “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang.
Me: If you ever get married I want to dance with you to this song at your wedding.
Grasshopper: Of course you can come to my wedding!

Me: Oh! Thanks so much for the invitation!

Twice a day Grasshopper’s Dexcom (the device he wears that provides us with a graph of his blood sugar) requires a calibration. We poke his finger with a lancet, put a drop of blood on his glucose meter and enter the number into the Dexcom to make sure the complex algorithms that it runs are correctly reporting what his blood sugar levels are doing. It is a truly life saving device because it can alert us when Grasshopper’s blood sugar drops too low which can be immediately life threatening. One day I started singing “Caaaaalibraaaation” to the tune of “Celebration” and he loved it. Now we sing it anytime the Dexcom asks for a calibration. He often asks to play the song as we poke his finger and enter in the number.

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