T1D Black Belt

by Erin

I shared with my blog partner, Alese, what I am about to share with you. She started sending me Chuck Norris memes and called me a type 1 diabetes black belt. I think I am still a white belt, but I’m adding stripes!

Thanks to resources like the books Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner, and Sugar Surfing by Dr. Stephen Ponder, I’m figuring out the timing for my 7 year old Grasshopper’s insulin. I’ve been trying this stuff for maybe a year and a half now and I think I’m finally starting to get it.

Credit: https://loldiabetes.wordpress.com/2007/10/05/chuck-norris/

We had a planned power outage per Alabama Power in our neighborhood on Monday that lasted from 8:30 AM until about 3:30 PM. I was worried about Grasshopper’s insulin, but we decided that if we just left the fridge as it was and didn’t open the door, that it would be alright. All of my worry was in vain and the insulin is fine. Whew! Many thanks to the Alabama Power linemen who worked hard to get that job done.

I didn’t plan to cook since I wasn’t sure when the power would come back on, so we drove through Chick-Fil-A for dinner.

I don’t usually let him get the milk there, white or chocolate, because it has spiked his blood sugar in the past. We usually come home and have our Fairlife milk. But today he got a 6 count order of nuggets (7g carbs), fries (37g carbs), and 7 oz chocolate milk (26g carbs!!!). 70g carbs for one meal is a lot for him.

We don’t eat low-carb but we have incorporated some LC foods and Sugar Surfing techniques like ordering food, that is, eating foods according to the blood sugar situation. If his blood sugar is on the high side, we’ll encourage him to eat his protein first so that it can slow down his body’s absorption of carbs in the meal, and give the insulin we injected a little more time to start working.

Anyway, I checked his finger at 89 and dosed 2.8 units for 70g carbs at 5:30 pm. I know for some 2.8 units doesn’t sound like much but for him it is, especially at 89. I did it as a square bolus over 1:30 hours. We drove home to eat it and traffic was delayed. At about 5:55 pm I saw his graph start to turn down slightly from 82 to 79 so I let him start his chicken nuggets in the car. We got home, he finished his nuggets, ate his fries and drank his chocolate milk. He is now riding around on his scooter and his blood sugar is sailing along on the Dexcom graph at 86➡️!!! I am so pumped!

This isn’t a meal he eats every day but it is one he eats when we are traveling or if we have a busy evening. We eat in moderation. We balance protein, carbohydrates, and fat in our meals. We eat our vegetables and we also have our treats! Thanks to the techniques of dynamic blood sugar management, we are better able to handle all of it.

Take that, T1D!

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