A Tale of Tuesday

by Erin

Now that Grasshopper is playing baseball we have some evenings when we have to grab dinner and head to the field early and stay late. Here’s our Tuesday evening in photos, from dinner in the car on the way to the ball field for pictures, to batting practice, the game, with Dexcom G6 graph screenshots throughout. Thanks to Sugar Surfing and Arden’s Day/Juicebox Podcast, we had a smooth night of blood sugars! We bumped it up with carbs when needed, reduced his pump a bit, and he had a ton of fun out there. The icing on the cupcake is that his team won, 14-3!

Note: Not all of our days look like this but with the tools and knowledge we have now, we are able to score more of them than not. And we definitely aren’t on as much of a rollercoaster as before!

Dinner for the kids was a peanut butter and honey sandwich (46g carbs), carrots (6 g carbs), and ranch dressing (2g carbs). 54g carb meal, dosed at 5:15 P.M.

Dinner for me was spanakopita (yum!), carrots and ranch. I brought a yogurt and block olives to share with Sunshine but once we got to the field I was too busy managing two kids in three locations to finish!

Practicing with the tee.

He went down a bit right before the game, so he had 1/2 a rice crispy treat (about 9g carbs) and shared the other half with Sunshine.

A little while into the game he wasn’t coming up as much as I had expected, so Sunshine and I gave him four Annie’s Fruit Snacks (6g carbs). She thought it was hilarious to feed her brother through the dug out fence!

He got a hit! Two teammates after him did too and they all ran home!

His post-game blood sugar was 82 via the meter and 76 via his Dexcom G6. It was such a great spring night! When Grasshopper was diagnosed at 21 months old, I couldn’t dream of life being this GOOD. I don’t mean to minimize the work, the struggle it is to manage T1D. It takes WORK to be a substitute pancreas. We don’t always have nights like this, but when we do I’ve just got to celebrate and share with others the tools we use!

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