First of All, It Was October…

Every autumn Bartlett Ranch, a working horse and cattle farm near us, hosts an evening celebrating Alabama farmers. It is always a fun time and sure sign that the endless Alabama summer is finally waning.

We had a great evening at Bartlett Ranch! Arrows were shot, turkey feathers found, and apples were pressed.

Calves, goats, cows, and snakes were admired. Balloons were acquired. Firetrucks were explored. We Sugar Surfed our way through a hotdog (1 gram of carbohydrates), hotdog bun (21g carbs), chips (15g carbs), and Chips Ahoy cookies (15g carbs). I knew the carbs for the hot dog and bun, so I dosed for 22 grams while we were waiting in line. I waited until Grasshopper had chosen his chips and cookies to see what those carbs totaled. This was not a typical meal for us and 52g of carbs is a little more than Grasshopper usually eats in one meal. But we are learning how to handle meals like this so that we can teach him how to deal with it by Sugar Surfing his way through the day.

Just when I thought Grasshopper was finished eating I spotted him in line for popcorn with Mr. Mister! A mini soap-opera played out in my head as we watched the popcorn being scooped out ahead of us.

Will there still be some left? What if we give him insulin for it and there isn’t any more popcorn? How many grams of carbs is that? How big is that scoop? How many scoops are they putting into each bag? Wait, that’s not a bag, that’s a plastic glove! How many grams of carbs is a hand of popcorn???

I guessed that the scoop held a cup of popcorn, which I know from experience is 5g of carbs. Two scoops were going into each glove, so Mr. dosed for 10g of carbs. The sweet ladies from 4-H who were making the popcorn scooped the last of it for the kid in front of us, so we waited while more popped. A total of 62g carbs at a working farm is a big night!

Side by side popcorn munching.

While the kids ate their popcorn they watched the drill team.

Grasshopper loved watching the drill team members gallop by so closely.

His blood sugar was low in the 60’s before bed, so he had a snack of two peanut butter crackers. As soon as he fell asleep his blood sugar began rising 140⬆️ so I put an temporary basal increase of 70% for two hours on his pump. Sugar Surfing! By midnight his blood sugar was dropping back into range.

We are grateful to the folks at Bartlett Ranch and everyone involved in the Farm-City Fest. Goodnight moon, goodnight stars, goodnight other Dexcom-ers wherever you are!

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