Life Speed

By Kay Jacoby

By Erin

Both Alese and I have been busy and we haven’t written much. There have been lots of changes for both of us and it feels like life is moving at light speed. The speed of life. Life speed, full ahead.

I had a moment to slow down a bit after one of Grasshopper’s routine appointments at Children’s Hospital of Alabama. We loved getting to see Heather Jordan to talk about how to better tackle some of the issues we face like helping Grasshopper through the annual blood draws he has to have. The last one was… intense.

After our appointment we were waiting for traffic to ease so we spent some time in Children’s Harbor. I have heard various reactions when we share that we are headed back to Children’s. Fairly often others react with sadness or say some form of, “Oh, that is such a sad place.” Granted, my view of it is due to Grasshopper’s successful diagnosis and treatment there. There certainly are many possible outcomes. For our family Children’s has been and continues to be a place of hope.

I thought I would take some photos to share why Grasshopper is always so excited to go to Children’s Hospital.

By George Taylor

There is art EVERYWHERE. Ok, maybe that’s more me being excited about the artwork rather than Grasshopper thanks to by background in Art History and museum work… but I feel like I am in the presence of friends because some of these works are by friends, like this one by George Taylor. It makes me smile every time I see it.

When we walk through the building, Grasshopper follows the blue river in the terrazzo floor. I have to remind him to walk to the right to leave space for people walking the opposite way. He loves to push Sunshine in the stroller every chance he gets and she loves it too.

At the entrance to Children’s Harbor is this fantastic hanging sculpture that slowly spins.

Inside Children’s Harbor the waterscape theme overflows with fish and sailing ship mobiles, rope, chain, and porthole windows.

By Kay Sasser Jacoby

The basketball court has a wall mural by another friend, Kay Sasser Jacoby. I have several of her plaques. Walking into the room with this huge mural of her lettering was like walking into a hug.

The game room in Children’s Harbor is one of the reasons Grasshopper doesn’t mind going for appointments. The kids are each allowed one token to use in the claw machine. Sometimes they get a stuffed toy and sometimes not. It has spoiled them for all the other claw machines because it is definitely easier! There are memorials and dedications everywhere and the game room is no exception.

After the kids try their luck at the claw machine, we play a few rounds of air hockey.

Just outside the doors of Children’s Harbor is a compass rose on the floor beneath the hanging, spinning sculpture. I always feel, upon leaving Children’s Harbor, that we have had a chance to recenter.

We are better able to find our way and to take the next steps in Grasshopper’s management of his type 1 diabetes. We do this as a family and we are trying to give him the tools he needs to eventually be able to manage on his own.

We often stop in the cafeteria at Children’s Hospital before we get back on the road. Grasshopper playfully tried to blow the fluff off of the dandelion mural.

By the time we left it was evening. I caught a glimpse of the Children’s of Alabama logo reflected in the windows. For our family it is a symbol of hope.

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