Podcast Interview

by Erin

Back in the fall of 2017, I saw a familiar name on one of the T1D Facebook pages I follow. Scott Benner, T1D dad, blogger at Arden’s Day and podcaster at Juice Box Podcast, asked what other parents might want to hear on upcoming podcasts. I posted asking for more discussion about parenting a young child with diabetes, and offered to talk with him about it.

Scott’s daughter Arden was diagnosed in 2006 when she was two. She is now thirteen. Scott has written about being a T1D dad since August of 2007. Read his account of Arden’s diagnosis story here.

We connected on Skype and let me tell you, Scott is really good at what he does. He was easy to talk to as I shared our family’s story, and he asked thoughtful questions. And wow, he can guide Arden through a lunch bolus via text in the middle of a podcast recording faster than I can say, “Bless your heart.”

I disagree with him about me sounding Southern though, as he mentions during our interview. I don’t. I know it because I am surrounded by wonderful people who have that lovely drawl. I married one. Folks in the South use phrases that perfectly skewer a description. Before I married Mr. Mister I would have said a snake “reared its head” before striking. Thanks to him I know better. It is so much easier (and faster) to say a snake “bowed up.” If you are talking about snakes, you don’t want to waste time.

It was great to talk with Scott to add my voice to the many in the diabetic online community (DOC). Many thanks to Scott for the opportunity and for all of his contributions to the DOC!

To listen to my interview on Scott Benner’s Juice Box Podcast, click here.

Find Scott Benner’s Arden’s Day blog here.

To listen via Apple Podcasts/iTunes, click here.

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