Days of Wine and Noses

by Erin

Mood: Relaxing with a glass of wine.

Goal: Hoping to fight off any impending viral or bacterial invaders.

Result: Emergen-C Pinot. A “healthy buzz.” (Alese double dog dared me to put that corny line in there. And I love it.)

Today began at 3 A.M., when Grasshopper climbed into our bed, complaining that his legs hurt. Almost immediately his Dexcom alarm went off, alerting us to his high blood sugar. We pricked his finger, corrected and fell back asleep.

The day continued at 4 A.M., when Sunshine woke up crying. Mr. Mister slogged to her room and tried to get her back to sleep but she insisted cheerfully, “I wake! I play!” After much rocking, soothing, and explaining from Mr. about the lack of sunlight and the need for sleep, Sunshine asked to be returned to her crib. Shortly after he made it back to our bed she began a banshee wail of, “DADDY, I WAKE NOW!!!” I finally poured myself out of bed and installed her on the couch at 5:45 A.M. with a Kindle Fire and “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie…” while I got ready for the day.

It has been a long day. The threat of flu lurks everywhere. A sweet little girl at Grasshopper’s school passed away from complications from the flu a few weeks ago. Our school community and town are devastated. I wish there was a way to completely protect everyone but there is not. We do what we can. Please pray for this family as they navigate the anguish of losing their daughter. It is a pain no parent should have to feel.

Tonight was a night for a glass of wine. As I poured it I remembered I wanted to take some Emergen-C also. Both. Both? Why not both? Orange fizzy Pinot Grigio… surely somewhere that is a cocktail menu item. It would be a makeshift mimosa… with vitamins! I have some people close to me who swear by Emergen-C’s effectiveness at keeping sickness at bay and others who shrug at the claims. This cold and flu season has me jumpy and willing to give it a shot, even if I just wind up making my own “vitamin water” as an end product.

Stay hydrated (with water), my friends, and stay well.

Note: No Pinot Grigio was harmed in the making of this post.

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