Southern Snowpocalypse 2018 2.0

by Erin

When it snows in the South life grinds to a halt. For us the three inches we got in one night was a BIG DEAL. It happens so rarely here that it isn’t economical to keep snowplows and road salting equipment at the ready to clear streets. Nobody has snow tires, chains, shovels, or snowblowers to deal with the stuff. Often when we get snow it is preceded by rain. Even if we don’t first have rain, the melting and refreezing result in ice patches that Southerners just don’t know how to handle. Many people here drive normally until they reach a patch of ice and then slam on the breaks. Skid city! Even for those who have experience driving on snow and ice it isn’t safe to be on the road because so many other drivers here have no clue. So we shut down, enjoy the ice and snow until it melts and then go on with life as it was meant to be lived. Warmly. It is the end of January now and we are back up to daytime temperatures in the 60’s. Ahhhh…

Thanks to the snow and the flu running rampant, Grasshopper didn’t go to school for a week. Recovering from the holidays and then bouncing into snow and flu season has left me little time to write. The 15-20 minutes when I am waiting for my kids in carline is one of my few times to focus on writing. Even that time has been cut short because with flu in the air I pick up Grasshopper early so he isn’t sitting in the nurse’s office to eat his afternoon snack. In any case we are all glad to get back to our routine.

T1D threw us some curve snowballs thanks to the cold and activity. We had lows, rebound highs, and more lows. Grasshopper was thrilled to eat snow. He had a zero carb frozen treat he could eat from the yard! Sunshine wasn’t so keen on the snow when we first went out but after a proper meal she was eager to investigate the mysterious white fluffy stuff.

On the first day of snow, after preparing and eating lunch I rested on the couch while the kids watched tv. “Weird Wonders of the World” kept us all entertained that week. More on that in a bit.

I dozed off. I vaguely remember Sunshine bringing me all her pieces of cold weather gear one by one.

Nudge. “Mama, you helpt me put on gwove?”

“Sure,” I mumbled as I pulled her wet glove onto her hot little hand. I dozed off again.

Nudge. “Mama, you helpt me put on over gwove?”

“Ok,” I murmured and put her other glove on with my eyes barely open.

Nudge. “MAMA. You helpt me put on my yacket?”

“Uh huh.” Somehow I managed to get her arms in the sleeves and zip up her jacket. I slipped back into my semi dream only to be rudely awakened a few minutes later by Sunshine pulling off my blanket.

“Oh, you ARE awake! I all weady. You weady, Mama?”


“Oh. May I helpt you?”

Sunshine is sweet, spicy and persistent!

While Grasshopper and I were under the weather Mr. Mister found a new show for us on Netflix. “Weird Wonders of the World” on BBC America captured 5 year old Grasshopper’s attention and hasn’t let go! He’s been rewatching the two seasons available. We all learned new things from the show. I love that it shows both men and women engaged in research, problem solving and exploration of our amazing world.

Here’s the trailer for Weird Wonders of the World, from BBC America.

Credit: BBC America Weird Wonders of the World

What do you like to watch with your family? Tell me in the comments!

Alese and Erin live the highs and lows of blood sugar management where they share their experiences on their blog Sugar Rush Survivors. We are more than surviving, we are T1D thriving! Tell us how you do it too on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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