Pizza Dilemma

by Alese
Carb cutting always makes it to my New Year’s resolutions.  As does not procrastinating  which is why New Year’s resolutions end up being more of a February thing for me.  In an attempt to be proactive I thought I would start mid January.  Flu season is NASTY this year.  I have been lucky so far.  I am avoiding the general public as much as possible to keep my good fortune.  Since becoming a T1D when I get sick I stay sick. It hits harder and stays longer whatever the crud might be.  I am using vitamin C,  tea, nasal rinses,  LOTS of hand sanitizer, and okra water.  Kidding.  Everyone knows turmeric not okra water is the magic cure.  My real secret weapon is the Waitr app. It limits the germy door knobs and uncovered coughs I come in contact with. Or I am really good at justifying my laziness.
                                                    WAITR LOGO
We ordered Mellow Mushroom tonight.  Pre Waitr app, my go to for food delivery was Marcos thin crust with pepperoni and green olives.  Now we have more options and Hottie prefers The Mellow. He insists on putting fungus on his pizza. Yuck. I want to like mushrooms. Can’t. Tried. Don’t see it happening.  We each get our own pizza. Leftovers:)   I love the crust at MM.  From a carb standpoint it does not love me.  Until tonight I did not realize they had a thin crust option.  I ordered the Maui Wowie and in the app special request box I asked for it to be thin crust.  I’m not sure why thin crust is not an option on the specialty pizzas.
 WAITER APP MAUISpecial requests
Hottie’s regular crust is on the left.  My crust in on the right. Slight difference.  I have less crust above my toppings.
To do a true comparison I selected a cheese slice on the MM nutrition calculator for regular and thin crust.
Thin Crust 
Eleven carbs does not seem like a massive difference but…  I like having two slices so subtracting 22 carbs is worth it for me. If you have mastered how to bolus for pizza please tell me how in the comments below. My strategy is to not eat pizza late at night. Early bird dinner is the winner. I know an hour or so after I eat I will spike and need to take more insulin. I have tried an extended or dual wave bolus without success.  Giving up pizza is not an option. I attempted to make the cauliflower crust. It’s just wrong. Finding small ways to lower my carbs this year is the plan.
Happy belated New Year!!!

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