T1D Mama Self Care

by Erin

I’m about to enjoy a little post Christmas multitasking pampering. The kids are asleep and Mr. Mister is too because he isn’t feeling well. Unfortunately he has the same cold I did last week. I put on my ridiculous fluffy socks. I’m in pjs (thanks, Costco), I have a drink (also thanks to Costco), and I’m about to watch a period drama, “To The Ends Of The Earth” on Netflix with a young Benedict Cumberbatch. I’m ready to tag kid clothes for consignment sales in the spring. Of course I have an eye on Grasshopper’s Dexcom graph because there’s never a break from T1D, but I’m reminding myself that if I don’t take a little time to myself in some way, then I don’t take care of my family the best way I can. Cheers! What do you do to care for yourself, even if just for a few minutes?


  1. I totally see where you are coming from. I have to take breaks if there is a break when it comes to taking care of my little boy with type 1. I sink myself into a book, hot bath, and even homework. Your doing great but even mammas need a small timeout.



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