Sugar Surfing with a Grasshopper

by Erin

Sunshine wasn’t feeling so well on a recent Sunday, so Mr. Mister stayed home with her while Grasshopper and I went to Mass. It turned into a Mama and Grasshopper day! After church we were hungry and, after checking in with Mr. Mister, we went to Waffle House, our favorite Sunday place.

A few years into Grasshopper’s diagnosis I read on several of my type 1 diabetes Facebook pages, including T1D Mod Squad, about a book called Sugar Surfing, listed here on Amazon.  It sounded like what we were trying to do with Grasshopper’s T1D management, so I read it and agreed with the approach. Dr. Stephen Ponder is a pediatric endocrinologist who has lived with T1D since his diagnosis in 1966. He describes his method for T1D management in his book Sugar Surfing, Facebook page, and website. If you or your child have been diagnosed with T1D within the past 90 days, click here for a free copy of the book. Sugar Surfing involves managing blood sugar through frequent monitoring with the use of a continuous blood glucose monitor (CGM) like the Dexcom CGM that Grasshopper wears or frequent blood sugar checks via a standard blood sugar meter. Dr. Ponder describes working to keep blood sugar numbers between as narrow a margin as possible through various techniques including fine tuning basal rates, taking a smaller amount of carbohydrates to bring up a low blood sugar compared to the usual Rule of 15, and using temporary basal rates to steer blood sugar back in range. It is a method that takes a lot of work but that does have positive results. Because of it we are more in tune with the many factors that affect Grasshopper’s blood sugar and we better understand how to manage meals like a waffle and scrambled eggs.

We Sugar Surfed our way through Waffle House and Grasshopper suggested we go to the driving range. Mr. Mister golfs. I practice when I can with the aim of eventually being able to keep up with him on the golf course. We’ve been to the driving range as a family of four. It is nice to be all together but if two year old Sunshine is there I concentrate on her. It was nice to go just with Grasshopper and to be able to focus on hitting the ball. He hit a few, wandered around, putted behind me for a while and then decided he would “play driving range” which consisted of him calling me Ma’am, me calling him Sir and him setting up six balls in a line for me to hit. He said over and over again how nice it was to be out together, just the two of us. It melted my heart! As we got to the bottom of the bucket, he said he wanted to go somewhere to hang out, relax and talk. Like a park. This kid is five going on fifty! Our next stop was to get a Christmas tree.

Choosing and purchasing the tree took a little longer than I had budgeted. We couldn’t go to the park because it was getting dark, so as a compromise I took Grasshopper to Starbucks for a caffeine-free, low carb hot drink as a treat to finish off our day together. He was pretty excited about getting the drink, a tall hot Passion Tango Tea, with cream on the side and Splenda, but he didn’t like the tea once he tried it. I ordered the same and I thought it was great so I drank both. He loved the cream though! He dipped his wooden stir stick in the cream and licked it, then drank some straight. I am amazed by this boy who is growing up so fast. We went home to sweet Sunshine who had snuggled with her daddy all day and seemed to feel better for it.

We have struggles. We have bad days and good days. We get through the bad days as a family and celebrate the good days when they come.

**Note: Neither Alese nor I have any affiliation with Dr. Stephen Ponder. We are not doctors. We cannot and do not offer medical advice, nor should any of our writings be taken as medical advice. Please discuss any changes to your medical routine with your physician. We have not received any promotional considerations. We just like the products and books we write about here on Sugar Rush Survivors. If we do receive promotional considerations, we will disclose that information. ~Erin

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